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Posted by Flanders Comments Off on Whips Are Outdoor Toys

Well, another month has passed and it appears that the great beast which is GCSA is silently sleeping this year away. At least, it appears that way. Like all great beasts, the instant that GCSA comes to life all will know its name and tremble before its awesomeness…ish. Personally, I’m really looking forward to what […]

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Posted by Carter Comments Off on First Trip of 2009

Yo! Apparently, one of GCSA’s favorite bands is having a concert at one of GCSA’s favorite venues. Yep, that’s right! Flogging Molly will be playing at the Orlando House of Blues on March 7th. Woot! Partyboy and myself are confirmed as going. Cody won’t go. After the HIM concert, he never wants to go back […]

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Posted by Garrett Comments Off on Yes, Tis True…

Well, as you may have heard GCSArmy- I have broken my ankle. The incident at the alp was a quite unexpected and vastly unfortunate event. I just wanted to let both cast and fan know that I am alive, and well, and busy working on some new content for the site. Hopefully, this new content […]

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Posted by Flanders Comments Off on It’s Only Sad Because It’s True

Seeing as how Carter hasn’t updated in a while I figured I’d do his job for him and write a new update. Before that, however, I have something to share with you. Now, I’m not going to tell you who said this, I’m simply going to tell you what was said. “You’re an insane, psychopathic, […]

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