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Posted by Flanders 2 COMMENTS

Okay guys, new things are brewing in GCSA and I’m going to give you just a brief preview of what’s going to come. First off, we’ve been braving numerous thunderstorms and floods this past week so we haven’t been able to complete new content for you guys, but trust me that we are working on […]

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Posted by Flanders Comments Off on So Sleepy

Yes, it’s true, I am so very very very very very tired right now. You see, for those of you who don’t know I am a creature of the night. I wake up around 2…ish…and then go to sleep when the sun comes up. That is my habit, that is who I am. Normally this […]

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Posted by Carter Comments Off on Beware the Ides of March

We’re out of beta, and we’re releasing on time! That’s right. We actually did something right for once! We have been working on a somewhat-secret project, that I am quite proud to debut tonight. Without further ado, I present to you: Stab-A-Miller. This is the first published game from GCSA Studios, but certainly not the […]

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Posted by Carter Comments Off on We Were the Kings of it All

We were the kings of the Kilburn High.. Just a quick update. We’re back from our insane trip to Orlando now. I’m pretty busy with school for the next couple days. But I will expand this post with full details of the trip soon. Check back! By Sharp and Flame, Carter

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Posted by Cody 1 COMMENT

Hi guys, Cody here. Yesterday (thanks to Carter, although it was an accident) I had my fingers slammed in a car door! It really sucked, and I yelled very loud, I still have bruises under my nails, and my finger print on my left ring finger looks like it has some internal bleeding… but its […]

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