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Posted by Garrett 2 COMMENTS

Hello all! I realize that it has been awhile since you’ve heard from me, but I now have internet at my apartment so I can actually get on and update you about goings on without having to go into the computer lab. I have recently begun writing with a friend of mine who happens to […]

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Posted by Carter Comments Off on Today’s Changes

Just a quick update. I redesigned the forums today. Things are much more integrated with the main website now. Check it out at: http://mygcsa.com/forums And if you haven’t yet, please sign up and chat with us! It just takes a second ya know. 😉 By Sharp and Flame, Carter

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Posted by Flanders Comments Off on Happy Cinco De Mayo!

It’s Cinco de Mayo and a new update to Stab-A-Miller went live. Coincidence? I think not! Ah, sweet irony. Anyway, I wanted to drop by and tell you guys of the amazing discovery I had the other day. While going to Sadie’s Flea Market I found one of the few surviving copies of E.T. Extra […]

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