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Posted by Flanders 7 COMMENTS

Happy New Years! I hope you guys have a safe new year and a wonderful…new…year…I guess…. Anyways, this a special collaboration between myself and Carter, hope you guys like it. Also, I wanted to inform everyone that Nasty Hack will be taking a one month hiatus, and will resume on February 4th. Because I Can- […]

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Posted by Carter 10 COMMENTS

So all of us at GCSA love Christmas. However, over the years, Santa has ceased to do business with us for various reasons. But fortunately, a little mythical fellow came to our aid. This year, we’re happy to share with you the legend of the Ghetto Elf. While Santa is delivering pricey gifts to all […]

Categories: News
Posted by Flanders 5 COMMENTS

This is a story about the legendary Ghetto Elf! Don’t ask… it was something Cody and Carter created. Just read and enjoy. Merry Christmas! Because I Can- Alex P.S. All will be revealed by Christmas morn.

Categories: Nasty Hack
Posted by Flanders 11 COMMENTS

This is one more of the comic which I am going to call real life Nasty Hack’s, because they are based on things that truly happen. So this one is based off of Britt’s and mine trip to Disney.

Categories: Nasty Hack
Posted by Flanders 4 COMMENTS

I’ll admit that this is not one of my better ones. This joke will only work for some, however I have made it accessible to all. Just replace the word *Magic* with either Pokemon, Cookies, Earl Skeet, and or Legos, depending on your personal taste of course, and magically the comic becomes funny! If not…oh […]

Categories: Nasty Hack
Posted by Flanders 2 COMMENTS

So in an odd turn of events, I actually did get to go to an insane asylum this week. Though I must admit I was sadly disappointed. There were no barbed wire fences, evil looking gargoyles, or homicidal clowns anywhere! That being said, my next goal is to go to an insane asylum for the […]

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