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Posted by Flanders 3 COMMENTS

This was an attempt at something new for Nasty Hack, so bear with me please, lol. Because I Can- Alex Flanders

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Posted by Carter 6 COMMENTS

Yay! A special edition Nasty Hack! Can you believe it!? This week’s comic is a joint effort between Flanders and I. It’s an attempt to combine our talents for your enjoyment. If you take a dash of Flanders’ drawings skills (4 drawings to be exact) and a huge tub of my coding/animation abilities (13 layers, […]

Categories: Nasty Hack
Posted by Flanders 8 COMMENTS

Okay guys, first off sorry about the delay for today’s comic. It will be up later today. As you know, both Carter and I are adequate in our own fields, at least by GCSA standards, but when we combine our skills generally something awesome happens (i.e., Stab A Miller). So for today’s comic Carter and […]

Categories: News
Posted by Flanders 9 COMMENTS

Hello my darlings! Guess who is back! Sooo yeah, my month off was more like a week off…. but oh well! What can I say, I love you all soooo very much that I couldn’t leave you for long. That and the person who was suppose to be taking over for me didn’t have any […]

Categories: Nasty Hack
Posted by Carter 8 COMMENTS

So as some of you may know, the legendary Alex Flanders is taking the month off. In order to maintain the Nasty Hack release schedule it became necessary for me to take over the entire Nasty Hack division during these few weeks. I think I did a pretty good job carrying on the torch, but […]

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