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Posted by Flanders 3 COMMENTS

Wow, is it Friday already? It just seems like yesterday that I was posting last weeks comic. Oh well, time flies. Hope you guys enjoy as I’ve revealed the second clue to Miller’s immortality! Come on folks! Start guessing! The person who figures it out will get a prize! P.S. On a more personal note, [...]

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Posted by Flanders 15 COMMENTS

Hey guys! Third installment of the comic! The first clue to Miller’s immortality has been revealed. Can you guess what his secret is? Let me know what you think! Because I Can- Alex Flanders

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Posted by Flanders 8 COMMENTS

New Nasty Hack is up, the second in our continuing series! Hope you guys enjoy it! P.S. Carter is Prof. Farnsworth…just a younger version… Because I Can- Alex

Categories: Nasty Hack
Posted by Flanders 6 COMMENTS

And here it is! The first comic in a series! Hooray! I will say this, click on the image to bring up the full version that way you can see more details of it, because there’s a lot of small stuff you probably can’t read or see. So read and enjoy! It’s going to be [...]

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Posted by Flanders 2 COMMENTS

What’s this!? A Nasty Hack on a Thursday? No, do not fret, the world is not coming to an end. Rather, today is a bit of a preview. You see, I have been working very hard on a new project for Nasty Hack. A story arc of sorts that will start tomorrow on Feb 4th. [...]

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