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Carter On November - 20 - 2008

Hey, just a quick update.

The website’s been redesigned as you can tell. Like it? There’s a couple of cool new things you can try out. In the top-right corner, clicking one of those colored squares will change the color of some stuff, you can also leave comments on our posts now (click the comments link below), you can share a news story by using the new “save/share” button below, and you can even subscribe to our RSS feed if you want to! Don’t know what an RSS Feed is? It’s the future! So click the banner up above, and save us in your bookmarks toolbar.

There’s also a 10% off sale at the GCSA merch counter for today only. Click the “Store” tab, and when you’re ready to checkout, enter coupon code: zazzlepaypal

Lastly, the New Xbox Experience was released this week. There’s a new feature called community games. If I can figure out C# programming, there might be a GCSA game available for download several months from now.

I guess that’s all for today.

By Sharp and Flame,

Category: News

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