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Flanders On December - 9 - 2008

Hey guys, as some of you may or may not know my old lappy got sorta destroyed which means I lost my programs for doing my flash movies. So while I won’t be doing a Nasty Hack Christmas Special, I do still plan on working on the comic for it. So here’s hoping my pen and pencil don’t blow up.

On another more interesting note, I went to the Nutcracker on Saturday. I honestly had no idea what was going on, but it had a lot of bright colors moving around on stage so I was entertained. Though I do have to ask this question…WHAT DID THE RATS DO? All I know is they were prancing around on stage having a good time when all of a sudden the Nutcracker comes and shoots one in the back. I mean c’mon! Where’s the justice and honor in that? He shot one of them in the back yet he’s the good guy? So yeah, other than that it was pretty cool, though nearly every male character was really just a crossdressing female….

Speaking of females, they are some crazy creatures. I went to Christmas City with my youth group, and by ‘went’ I mean I was kidnapped by a bunch of hormonal females. Anyway, there was this store there, well, actually there were a lot of stores there; but my point is that they went freaking ballistic over the tiniest and most worthless pieces of junk I’ve ever seen! They spent 5 bucks on frickin costume jewelery! Not to mention they almost fought over shoes which looked like they belonged to the Tin Man…oh well….

Here’s something that’s near and dear to all of us in the second episode of ‘Miller Can’t….’

Miller Can’t Play Guitar Hero
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Because I Can,

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