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Flanders On December - 25 - 2008

I wish it was Halloween…at least that’s a fun holiday. Once upon a time I use to love Christmas, but now I just wish it’d hurry up and get over with. I mean really, it makes no sense! People spend hours worrying about what to get people, then they spend hours in line to get them a gift only to get them a gift receipt so they can take it back. Then everyone is forced to act all nice and pleasant while they exchange gift, and you’re required to be like “OMG this is the best presentz evar!” When in reality all they did was get you a sweater that says “Ho Ho Ho”. Then you are forced to wait hours in line to take the monstrosity back. So honestly, what’s the point?

And with that I say Bah-Hum-Bug, wake me when it’s New Years Eve.

Because I Can,
Alex Flanders

Category: News

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