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Cody On December - 7 - 2008

Yo, what’s up GCSArmy? Carter and I just got back from having dinner at one of our favorite eateries, La Bamba. It started out well enough, but the staff failed to put extra cheese on my food… like i ordered!!!! Then after our waiter gave us our bill, he thought we dropped off of the earth or something. We were there for 45 minutes after we got our bill, and he never checked if I needed a 2 go box, nor did he bring more chips for our cheese dips! I had to walk all the way up to the checkout counter to get a freaking 2 go box… which was weird, cuz i normally dont.  I then asked for one, while whispering under my breath, “cuz are waiter forgot we existed”

Overall, it could have been better, so we left a minuscule tip… out of spite.

Da Legend,

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