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As you may or may not know, GCSA Studios has Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook accounts. If you’d like to follow, friend, or fan us; just click the links under “Connect” on the sidebar. Now here’s the cool part: We’re rolling out some new functionality today. Any time a new post is made here on the [...]

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Wow, thirteen days since a front page update… That might be a new record. Sorry. In any case, I decided to get on here today and talk a little bit about three current events. The big story on the news today is this new “Swine Flu” that’s spreading faster than anything I’ve ever heard of. [...]

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Posted by Flanders 1 COMMENT

Well guys, it’s been awhile but I have new news from the front. First off, Carter is working on something special for you Stab-A-Miller fans. Today I received a text message stating that he needed new concept art for the game, and if what I had to draw was any indication… you guys are going [...]

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As Flanders stated in a post that seems to have been redacted, our website did go down. It was awful. Nothing would load, nothing would respond… I couldn’t even log in to the website to fix any potential problems. You see, to cut costs, GCSA had been on a shared hosting plan. A shared hosting [...]

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