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Posted by Carter Comments Off on From the GCSA Labs

As you may or may not know, GCSA Studios has Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook accounts. If you’d like to follow, friend, or fan us; just click the links under “Connect” on the sidebar. Now here’s the cool part: We’re rolling out some new functionality today. Any time a new post is made here on the […]

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Posted by Carter Comments Off on Current Events

Wow, thirteen days since a front page update… That might be a new record. Sorry. In any case, I decided to get on here today and talk a little bit about three current events. The big story on the news today is this new “Swine Flu” that’s spreading faster than anything I’ve ever heard of. […]

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Posted by Flanders 1 COMMENT

Well guys, it’s been awhile but I have new news from the front. First off, Carter is working on something special for you Stab-A-Miller fans. Today I received a text message stating that he needed new concept art for the game, and if what I had to draw was any indication… you guys are going […]

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Posted by Carter 2 COMMENTS

As Flanders stated in a post that seems to have been redacted, our website did go down. It was awful. Nothing would load, nothing would respond… I couldn’t even log in to the website to fix any potential problems. You see, to cut costs, GCSA had been on a shared hosting plan. A shared hosting […]

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