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Flanders On June - 9 - 2009

Now most you probably know by now that I am not fond of computers. It is not that I don’t like them and don’t enjoy them, it’s simply that I think they are out to get me. That being said I have more often then not found myself playing the occasional game. Sims being one of them. While I do not own the latest Sims, I am able to play it on occasion and thus I thought I would share with you my prospect on Sims 3.

My impressions of the game so far: It looks very similar to The Sims 2, with some changes here and there. I am hearing from fans of the series that there are some huge issues with the game, no sharing of custom content, can only play one family at a time, which is a pretty big bummer.

Still, I’m enjoying it, and I am enjoying watching my Sims dance around like the little puppets that they are. I always start my Sims games the same way. I make a trio of roommates, a la Three’s Company. Then, rather than purchase a house, furnished or unfurnished, I spend my entire bank account buying a new lot and building them a house.

However “building them a house” does not include floors, or wall coverings, or furniture past a bed and sofa. I then move my Sims into this ‘house’ ,which one time, in the Sims 2, did not even include a roof, and immediately put them all to work to slowly improve their impoverished existence.

These Sims live the life of college students, often waking up late for work, not showering, no entertainment to speak of, forced to read book after book to gain skills which can be used to garner more wages in the work force.

What’s more, two of these roommates are designed to hook up, whether they like it or not, like some sort of south Asian arranged marriage. Which also means that the third wheel roommate inevitably must try to fall asleep alone every night to the sounds of his friends gettin’ some, sleeping in a pool of his own sorrowful tears. So yes, I did put Miller into this game. ^_^

Now if you’re curious as to why I torture my Sims as I do, it’s not for the reason you expect. No, I don’t simply enjoy playing God. Well, I do, but I only treat my Sims the same way that He treats me. Thus I force my Sims to wallow in misery, so that when I do bestow them with touches of luxury such as a television, lights or floors, it has the power to immediately pull them back from the brink of suicide, and give them just enough will to live through those next few skill levels in hopes of a promotion. In hopes of someday finally being financially free.

But, unfortunately for those poor little Sims… that day will never come. I will probably get bored of the game before my Sims know happiness, and they will forever be stuck in the purgatory of that last save file, unable to fulfill their dreams, unable to stuff themselves in the oven.


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  1. Enjoyed reading this, very good stuff, thanks . “Golf isn’t a game, it’s a choice that one makes with one’s life.” by Charles Rosin.

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