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Flanders On August - 4 - 2009

Okay, it’s been a while since we got back from Disney, but I finally have time to write what happened on our Disney trip. Well, let’s see, after waiting an hour for Carter to get ready we met up at Cody’s and started on our adventure. Almost immediately I gained a new respect for Cody simply because he likes Disturbed and Skillet. For that, he’s awesome. Anyway, as soon as we started we played Russian roulette with our GPS. We hooked up 3 of them and put them each to a different way of getting to Orlando. Needless to say, hilarity ensued.

Well, with only a hour to go until we reached Orlando we got stuck in a traffic jam. After we got out of said traffic jam we landed in another traffic jam. I am not to blame….

Our hotel was rather nice, even though we had our share of problems. Namely the guy who checked us in was an idiot and a theif. He over charged Carter, but the hotel was still nice enough.  That night we went to Bennigans where we had an awesome waitress who was really friendly with Cody until he f’d her over with her tip. From there we went to Old Town before finally heading home for the evening.

The next day was simply amazing! We went to Downtown Disney where I felt like a little kid again! They were playing old school Disney songs; and everything was simply wonderful. It was at downtown Disney that I discovered something amazing. What was so amazing you ask? The Earl’s skeet. Yes, I said it. We ate at Earl of Sandwich, and even now I lay in bed dreaming of eating there once more. In short, it was AMAZING! While in Downtown Disney I took over a hundred pictures, Cody orgasmed at Lego Land, and Carter simply had fun watching the people go by. That evening, we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe in City Walk. That was fun, and the owe me $30 bucks…so next year when I turn 21 I plan on collecting that money.

The next day was the day that dreams were made of. We went to Disney. We went to Epcot and had a blast! I could’ve spent all day in Japan and Germany alone, though I also liked the United Kingdom. Really you need two days to truly appreciate that place. Cody and Carter went on a couple of rides, but I wans’t feeling well so I only went on two. The first one was Mission to Mars. It was cool, short and eay, but cool. It had the guy who plays Mac Taylor talking to me, so if he’d asked me to kill someone I probably would’ve. That man….yeah…the things I would do.

Anyway, while Carter and Cody waited to ride a ride I took the tram to Magic Kingdom. Getting there was the longest and scariest journey of my life. As I rode the tram it was as if God decided that I couldn’t fulfill my life long dream of going to Magic Kingdom, for the skies opened and it began to flood. No, I’m not joking. It was flooding. I walked through water that came up to my knees to get to the Magic Kindgom. I was the only person out there! Even the people who worked at Disney wouldn’t go out in that rain. Only one person was and she looked at me and asked me what I was doing to which I replied.

“Ma’am, I’m going to see the Magic Kingdom come hell or high water. There’s already high water so I’m just waiting for the tram to hell.”
Anyway, I got to the Magic Kingdom and sat in front of the Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue while it continued to rain. When Carter finally joined me he said I looked so sad sitting out there by myself. While Cater and I frolicked in Magic Kingdom Cody had his own adventure. It seemed that he took the tram ride to hell, because he kept calling us because he’d gotten lost. He wanted to go to Downtown Disney to go eat at the Earl of Sandwich. Five hours later he finally got there….
But Magic Kingdom was awesome! We went to the Haunted Mansion which I could’ve ridden twelve times at least! It was the best ride ever! Then again, it could’ve just been the emo asian maid who was gorgeous which made the ride so interesting. We only got to see about a fourth of the park before we had to go back to Epcot to watch the firework show. The next day we came home. While we were sad to leave such a magic place it gave us hope for next year.

So yes, that was our Disney trip; and it is something which will forever stay with me.

Because I Can- Alex Flanders

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  1. Alice says:

    i was the one that got u into skillet so i’m awesome, as for the trip…i’m still jealous and still hating on all of you for going. though i’m glad that both you and carter said that it would have been me going too were i still living there. makes me feel all warm and mushy inside!!! i r loved!

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