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Garrett On August - 22 - 2009

what’s up guys, Garrett here.  i want to apologize in advance for not giving you all the entire play-by-play for the following update, but it was an extremely fast process so i didn’t have alot of time.

on Thursday, August 20th, shooting wrapped for the newest project from Radial:  From 110 Murphree Street.  it was shot in Troy, Alabama on a budget of $400 in twelve hours.  the movie stars Colin Cahill, Adriane Hicks, Nathan Houser, and myself.  the cast and locations were all fantastic.  you can see the trailer here:


we are currently in post-production and all editing should be completed by tuesday evening.  we are trying to work out whether or not we can post the film on facebook or youtube because of film festival rules and all that jibber jabber.  either way, you will be able to see the completed film in some way around mid to late september.

also, we are in the development stage for our next project, currently titled “Settle”, to begin shooting as early as january of 2010.  it is quite a departure from “Mockingbird” and “From 110 Murphree Street” due to the fact that it doesn’t fall in to the horror/suspense category.  the closest relevent genre would be, believe it or not, romantic comedy.  strange, i know. it basically follows a young married couple in counseling who wonder if there problems mean that they weren’t meant to be together in the first place.  we’ll actually have a little money for this one (crossing fingers) with a possible budget of around $2,500.  i’ll post more information as it develops.



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  1. Zaki says:

    Keegan doesn’t look very hungary. Looks like he likes Garrett hpleing him and Garrett is learning to do more than one thing at a time like his mom.Love Grandma S

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