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Carter On August - 30 - 2010

Negative. I say again, be advised that you are the only GCSA asset in that area.

Sorry for the near month of radio silence. Flanders and I have been quite busy. Unfortunately, not busy with anything GCSA related. As I mentioned in the previous post, he moved to the high desert. This makes meeting with him in person even harder than in the past. Some say he’s nothing more than a web-based AI at this point. On the plus side, he did learn some very valuable systems administration skills! ::Drumroll:: Flanders learned how to change his router’s local IP address! Woot!

What am I up to, you ask? Well, I moved as well. I now live in sunny Orange County, Florida. As you can tell from the dust around here, I haven’t done anything GCSA related in over a month. I’ve been busy rigorously renovating my new residence. Long time safari buddy, Adam Simpson, helped. You should be friends with him. He’s the real Next Design Star, dontcha know. But once I’m settled in, GCSA functions will resume. I may devote more time to GCSA-JPL than GCSA Studios, but just keep checking this space.

The soldiers we need them to be…

Cody and Miller are holding things together back at GCSA headquarters… with new gadgets! Cody just got himself a shiny new laptop! It’s identical to mine, model #: [redacted]. As for Miller? By this time tomorrow, he’ll have “the next generation of does” in his hot little hand. Thanks to my leet hacks though, my Droid1 is nearly even with his DroidX in terms of performance. A reunion for all of us is inevitable and it will likely involve us playing DJ Hero2 with Miller on guitar, Flanders on microphone, and myself on turntables. Cody is above such nonsense. He’ll be building a Lego fort. In any case… when this happens, and it will, a video will be shared with you all.

Gamma station, this is Fermion RSO…

In closing, just
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until Halo: Reach! We hope to see you on Xbox Live!

By Sharp and Flame,

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  1. Alice says:

    want to know what I’ve been up to? I’M TELLING YOU ANYWAYS! spent way too much money on new clothes BUT I have these great new heels and this killer dress. i have officially created the outfit to stop traffic. be afraid boys.

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