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This is part of a series I call ‘Sad But True’ comics based on real events. Some of you will get them, some of you won’t. Oh well. Hope you enjoy and comment! Because I Can- Alex

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Posted by Flanders 3 COMMENTS

Hope you guys enjoy! Comment to let me know what you think! Because I Can- Alex Flanders

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Posted by Carter 3 COMMENTS

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. It’s been too long, GCSArmy. After succesfully finishing and deploying the new GCSA web experience, I decided to take a break from the site for a little while. I come back today, lo and behold, Flanders has made three new comics! On to more tangible projects… We’ve [...]

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Posted by Flanders 2 COMMENTS

And with today’s post we introduce a new character to Nasty Hack! Hope you guys enjoy! And as always you can click the image to see it in full size! Because I Can- Alex Flanders

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Posted by Flanders 1 COMMENT

Okay guys, here’s the new Nasty Hack.  I’ve decided that every Friday you shall be able to bask in the awesomeness which is a brand new Nasty Hack.  So check the site every Friday! Also, to make it easier, characters have colors for their text so you’ll know who is speaking. So far the list [...]

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Posted by Flanders 5 COMMENTS

Okay guys, I have some exciting news! I am officially back in action on Nasty Hack! Nasty Hack season 2 starts now! I will be introducing brand new characters and new plot points are you excited? I am! That being said, I need help from you, our loyal fan (and no that is not a [...]

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