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Flanders On April - 1 - 2011

To my loyal followers, I must say this…I am sorry. Why you ask? Because in the haze of work I failed to realize that this weeks Nasty Hack would fall on April Fools Day. Rather than have some hilarious comic set up that is both witty and amusing, all I can offer is a comic full of Miller’s sorrow and depression. I hope that to some degree for you, that they are one in the same.

Because I Can-

Alex Flanders


Category: Nasty Hack

4 Responses

  1. Miller says:

    XD…ok I have to admit…this is freaking hilarious…and I can TOTALLY see this happening!

  2. Miller says:

    Also I just noticed…when did I get my left hand chopped off? Or am I pulling an Al Bundy? Lol

  3. Flanders says:

    LoL, well I’ll be honest. There was a woman sitting in that chair, so I had to draw your body over hers in roughly the same position, and by the time I got to that hand I just said F it. Soooo yeah, though I do remember your hand looking better when I was drawing it!

  4. Carter says:

    I love Nasty Hack. 🙂

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