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Flanders On December - 3 - 2011

So, Carter and I were talking about a spin off of Nasty Hack called Dirty Bit, which for all you pervs out there is actually a technical computer term. So, Britt took it upon herself to do a comic this Friday! Give her lots of praise cause it’s her first one! Any who, that got me thinking that all my wonderful guest artist will be Dirty Bit! Not to be confused with Dirty Britt which is an ongoing…adult movie, I’m in the works with. Anyways, enjoy this comic from the wonderfully talented Brittany!

Because I Can-



Category: Nasty Hack

6 Responses

  1. Alice says:

    Hehe!! I’m all famous and stuff now!

  2. Flanders says:

    Well I for one think this is completely accurate.

  3. Miller says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha….oh wait…no…not really funny…what’s funny is that at least I can’t be accused of having a conspiracy about Abraham Lincoln >:)

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