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This will not be your typical GCSA what’s update. Instead of being dedicated to internal activities, it will focus on what’s happening beyond our crimson door. If you want to skip the wall of text, just jump to the seventh paragraph. In case any of our readers were unaware, GCSA has always been heavily influenced […]

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Posted by Miller Comments Off on RRoD’s Can Kill People

Well the people driven crazy by them can anyway… Hey guys. I’m here at work and I had some time, so I figured I’d get on here and post an update or two. As some of you may or may not have been aware, my Xbawks360 RRoD’d on me about 2 weeks ago. Now I know […]

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Posted by Miller Comments Off on You See What Had Happened Was…

Well, if you haven’t read Flanders’ post below already, basically what he said was that I’ve been deported to Mexico. In a sense it’s true. He heavily exaggerated our conversation, but I am indeed in Mexico. I’m here of my own free will though! They bribed me with free bottomless margaritas and quesadillas… what else […]

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Posted by Flanders Comments Off on It Was Bound to Happen…

Well guys, I’ve got a bit of bad news. We all knew it was bound to happen, but we never thought it would happen so soon. One of the GCSA cast members has been taken from us. No, no one died in a horrible accident or even during one of our stunts or ‘death traps’ […]

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