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Nasty Hack comics
  • Nasty Hack- Jan 19th


    I had to do this…I  just had to.   Because I Can- Alex Flanders  

  • Nasty Hack- Dec 24th


    Merry Early Christmas! While I must admit, I am not in the Christmas mood, I do believe I have come to a revelation. You see, many of you might have noticed that I haven’t had a lot of new Nasty Hack’s out mainly due to the fact that I had no ideas! Now that it’s [...]

  • Nasty Hack- Dec 17th


    New one. Just detailing some of the stresses of having to deal with idiots and how quickly a continuous stream of said idiots can turn and nice wholesome day into one where you are contemplating investing in a shotgun…   Because I Can- Alex Flanders    

  • Nasty Hack- Dec. 9th


    No promises, but this might be something special for Christmas… Because I Can- Alex Flanders    

  • Dirty Bit- Special Guest Comic!


    So, Carter and I were talking about a spin off of Nasty Hack called Dirty Bit, which for all you pervs out there is actually a technical computer term. So, Britt took it upon herself to do a comic this Friday! Give her lots of praise cause it’s her first one! Any who, that got [...]

  • Nasty Hack: Nov 5th


    Just barely made this in time, but here you go! Remember, Remember the 5th of November…  

  • Nasty Hack- June 3rd


    Hey guys! Filler time! Many of you may not remember the initial cover art for the Nasty Hack series. Well, basically it had me taking Miller to hell. While I loved it, it needed some changes. New characters have appeared, and I believe they need to be recognized as well. So therefore, behold the new [...]

  • Nasty Hack- May 27th


    Sorry about the text bubbles. Had some issues when doing them and didn’t realize it till it saved and by then I couldn’t go back and fix them.   Because I Can…but I Won’t, Alex Flanders    

  • Nasty Hack- May 7th


    So, I went to go see Thor last night with Miller. In all honesty, Thor has to be the best comedy I have seen this year.  In the very beginning I pointed out to Miller that they were going across a sparkling bridge, but he was quick to defend his favorite super hero by telling [...]

  • Nasty Hack- April 29th


    Sorry for the delay! Unfortunately I’ve been really busy, so no true new Nasty Hack today, but I hope you still enjoy! Regular comics will resume next week!   Because I Can- Alex Flanders Carter edit: Flanders, noooo…. [image redacted] If you truly want to see it, click here.

  • Nasty Hack- April 22st


    So, today’s comic has an interesting back story. Originally, this was suppose to be the start of the comic story that I was going to do. Basically it all revolved around one joke where ‘Princess Peach’ gets kidnapped by guys dressed up as mushrooms and the heroes have to go after her. However, after a [...]

  • Nasty Hack- Apr 15th


    And here we have it! The final comic in the Miller story arch! I’d like to think of this final piece as one final middle finger to the boy that we all love to hurt and maim! At any rate, it’s finally through. This has been a twisting and turning adventure, and I am truly [...]

  • Nasty Hack- April 8th


    Hello true believers! Today’s comic is a double dose of awesome! Not only do you get an extra bit of Nasty but you also get a huge helping of Hack! …yeah…even I thought that joke was lame. Oh well! There is a second comic today. Why? Well, you will see below. At any rate only [...]

  • Nasty Hack- Aprils 1st


    To my loyal followers, I must say this…I am sorry. Why you ask? Because in the haze of work I failed to realize that this weeks Nasty Hack would fall on April Fools Day. Rather than have some hilarious comic set up that is both witty and amusing, all I can offer is a comic [...]

  • Nasty Hack- Mar 25th


    Sorry for the delay everyone, had a long day at work and then kind of passed out. I forgot all about the comic, I’m sorry!!!! At any rate, the Miller story arch is almost through! Only another 3 comics left! I really want to know what you guys thought about it, and whether or not [...]

  • Nasty Hack- March 18th


    Today is a very special Nasty Hack! It took me forever to draw everyone and get them right. I hope you enjoy it! Also, for those who are very observant, you might notice something special hidden within the comic this week. Like Leonardo’s original, I’ve hidden something very special inside there, and who knows? Perhaps [...]

  • Nasty Hack- March 11th


    So the secret of Miller’s Immortality is revealed! He’s been snorting phoenix feathers! Huzzah! Because I Can- Alex Flanders

  • Nasty Hack- March 4th


    Okay! Sorry for the delay guys! It’s been a busy week for me! So here’s the new comic! Hope you guys enjoy! Because I Can, Alex Flanders

  • Nasty Hack Feb 25th


    Wow, is it Friday already? It just seems like yesterday that I was posting last weeks comic. Oh well, time flies. Hope you guys enjoy as I’ve revealed the second clue to Miller’s immortality! Come on folks! Start guessing! The person who figures it out will get a prize! P.S. On a more personal note, [...]

Breaking News & What's Updates

Listen to the road… See what it’s telling ya… – Cody Carpenter Last weekend was epic win. As you may or may not know, Flanders is moving to the desert. He is either going on a spiritual retreat amongst the steppes with little more than the chirps of cactus wrens to keep him company, or [...]

Posted by Carter

Happy Bungie Day, everyone! Yep, it’s the 7th of the 7th again. And you know what makes it extra special this year? We managed to get our grubby little hands on some Bungie-only armor. Woot! We’ll see you on Xbox Live! By Sharp and Flame, Carter

Posted by Carter

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more… One day, not too long ago, Flanders and I were working on [Dimensional]. As we were bashing away, we were struck with an idea for yet another new game! We are very excited about this. We are more excited for this than we were for [Dimensional], [...]

Posted by Carter

The following post is the sole work of Alex Flanders and does not reflect the views or opinions of any other GCSA member. Issues raised in this post are to be viewed as nothing other than political satire. Allo lovelies! This is Flanders here with a post that I’ve been meaning to send out to [...]

Posted by Flanders

This will not be your typical GCSA what’s update. Instead of being dedicated to internal activities, it will focus on what’s happening beyond our crimson door. If you want to skip the wall of text, just jump to the seventh paragraph. In case any of our readers were unaware, GCSA has always been heavily influenced [...]

Posted by Carter

Well the people driven crazy by them can anyway… Hey guys. I’m here at work and I had some time, so I figured I’d get on here and post an update or two. As some of you may or may not have been aware, my Xbawks360 RRoD’d on me about 2 weeks ago. Now I know [...]

Posted by Miller
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