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Nasty Hack comics
  • Full Disclosure

    In the beginning, Man said, “Let there be light.” And he was blessed by light, heat, magnetism, gravity, and all the energies of the universe. Believe it or not, this is the 100th post on http://mygcsa.com. It’s hard to believe that this whole thing has actually lasted and made it to such a milestone. You […]

  • 3 Days to Make Nasty Hack

    Okay guys, first off sorry about the delay for today’s comic. It will be up later today. As you know, both Carter and I are adequate in our own fields, at least by GCSA standards, but when we combine our skills generally something awesome happens (i.e., Stab A Miller). So for today’s comic Carter and […]

  • Happy Holidayz

    So all of us at GCSA love Christmas. However, over the years, Santa has ceased to do business with us for various reasons. But fortunately, a little mythical fellow came to our aid. This year, we’re happy to share with you the legend of the Ghetto Elf. While Santa is delivering pricey gifts to all […]

  • We Want to Believe

    Before you drop too far into this post, let me say that this has nothing to do with GCSA per se. This post regards something that has caught the collective attention of Flanders and I. We don’t have the answer, but we bet you do. Enjoy the article, and comment with your explanation. While browsing […]

  • High Altitude Research

    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. It’s been too long, GCSArmy. After succesfully finishing and deploying the new GCSA web experience, I decided to take a break from the site for a little while. I come back today, lo and behold, Flanders has made three new comics! On to more tangible projects… We’ve […]

  • Lights Still On?

    Negative. I say again, be advised that you are the only GCSA asset in that area. Sorry for the near month of radio silence. Flanders and I have been quite busy. Unfortunately, not busy with anything GCSA related. As I mentioned in the previous post, he moved to the high desert. This makes meeting with […]

Breaking News & What's Updates

Listen to the road… See what it’s telling ya… – Cody Carpenter Last weekend was epic win. As you may or may not know, Flanders is moving to the desert. He is either going on a spiritual retreat amongst the steppes with little more than the chirps of cactus wrens to keep him company, or […]

Posted by Carter

Happy Bungie Day, everyone! Yep, it’s the 7th of the 7th again. And you know what makes it extra special this year? We managed to get our grubby little hands on some Bungie-only armor. Woot! We’ll see you on Xbox Live! By Sharp and Flame, Carter

Posted by Carter

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more… One day, not too long ago, Flanders and I were working on [Dimensional]. As we were bashing away, we were struck with an idea for yet another new game! We are very excited about this. We are more excited for this than we were for [Dimensional], […]

Posted by Carter

The following post is the sole work of Alex Flanders and does not reflect the views or opinions of any other GCSA member. Issues raised in this post are to be viewed as nothing other than political satire. Allo lovelies! This is Flanders here with a post that I’ve been meaning to send out to […]

Posted by Flanders

This will not be your typical GCSA what’s update. Instead of being dedicated to internal activities, it will focus on what’s happening beyond our crimson door. If you want to skip the wall of text, just jump to the seventh paragraph. In case any of our readers were unaware, GCSA has always been heavily influenced […]

Posted by Carter

Well the people driven crazy by them can anyway… Hey guys. I’m here at work and I had some time, so I figured I’d get on here and post an update or two. As some of you may or may not have been aware, my Xbawks360 RRoD’d on me about 2 weeks ago. Now I know […]

Posted by Miller
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